Interior Design

ART WORK : "Marble Gaze Collection"

Discover the Marble Gaze Collection where interior design meets extraordinary artistry. Handcrafted entirely from marble by our expert artisans in Carrara, Italy, each table is a unique masterpiece that captures the captivating beauty of eyes. Perfect for art collectors seeking unparalleled exclusivity, these one-of-a-kind pieces will transform any space into a showcase of elegance and sophistication.

Contact Us today for more information, custom inquiries, or to purchase the last two tables of the collection available for sale.

“Over the recent years, RoccoSculptures has elevated interior design with their exquisite creations, from luxurious kitchens and bathrooms to stunning design objects like tables, bathtubs, and more. Each piece showcases their commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic innovation, transforming spaces into extraordinary expressions of elegance and style. Below, explore some of our remarkable interior design projects that exemplify our dedication to beauty and excellence.”

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