RoccoSculptures masterfully transforms the natural beauty of stone into stunning architectural features, thanks to their
careful selection of natural materials and collaborations with
renowned architects and designers. This synergy has enabled the creation of exquisite spaces for high-end boutiques, including brands like Rolex and Prada, as well as luxurious hotel lobbies around the world.

Below, we showcase the entire process of our most recent on site job from sourcing and design to installation with our selected crew, ensuring each piece integrates seamlessly into its sophisticated surroundings, creating an ambiance of elegance and opulence.

Hotel Residences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2019

Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 1 Flooring

The Roccosculptures team began the work by placing a plastic sheet on the concrete and then creating an anti-rising screed using Mapei Elastick.
Once the screed had dried we began assembling the flooring made of Travertine Paglierino and Travertine Noce.

Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 2 Office flooring and baseboard


Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 3 coverings

The Roccosculptures team began to mount the 2cm thick Travertine on the 5mm thick perforated steel walls,
managing to combine 3 different materials such as BRASS, ALUMINUM and TRAVERTINE.
Respecting all the joints between the various pieces and combining the natural grain present on the Travertine.

Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 4 Rolex wall

2cm thick Travertine on the 5mm thick perforated steel walls with brass showcase

Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 5 restroom

Travertine Paglierino and Wood.

Roccosculptures for Rolex

Step 6 Exterior

Stairs and walls covering in Travertine Noce and brass.

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