About us

"The finest Italian materials combined with our know-how"

1st Generation

The Founder

In 1947, the company was established by Mr. Titino, a World War II veteran, initially focusing on the production of concrete bricks and marble tiles.

As construction materials advanced, the family ventured into the marble and stones industry.

2nd Generation


Rocco, one of Mr. Titino’s seven children, graduated from the esteemed Pietro Tacca’s Academy in Carrara, Italy becoming a sculptor. 

After finishing his studies, Rocco joined the family business and played a pivotal role in its growth, particularly in the realm of luxury and residential properties featuring marbles and stones.

3rd Generation

Il Don

Tragically, in 1996, both Mr. Titino and his son Rocco passed away, leading Rocco’s son Donato, also known as Il Don, to assume ownership of the company.

Over the years, Il Don has received numerous accolades and recognition for the company’s contributions to commercial and residential projects.

Il Don takes great pride in the family business and continues to oversee its operations to this day.

4th Generation

Rocco’s Brothers

Il Don has two sons, both named after their grandfather.

The elder son, Rocco (Mattia), pursued studies in the Netherlands and subsequently embarked on a career in finance and investments. He first relocated to the UK and later to the US.

The younger son, Rocco (Edoardo), pursued studies in Panama and Switzerland before joining his father in the Italian business.

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